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Extremo Brasil
Ola Brasil! A beautiful country known for its majestic landscapes, cosmopolitan cities, sandy white beaches and...
Save yourself the $1500 airfare and $5000 hotel bill:  Experience the flavor, culture and...
Join me as I walk you through the basic movements of one of most desired dances...

What is Sweaty, Sexy, Samba™ Fitness? It's Fun, It's Sweaty, It's Brazil

It is a holistic experience that encompasses great music, great movements, and wonderful energy into a kick-ass workout. Nothing like it anywhere in Atlanta.Valerie AnonyuoDancer/Blogger

Sweaty Sexy RecipesYummy Healthy Goodness

Carioca PeachA day in the life of a Carioca in the South

**NEW** The Sweaty, Sexy, Samba™ Recipes
Aside from sweating and having great fun dancing, I love to cook. As part of a healthy balanced lifestyle, I make that I eat nutritious meals that are both delish and healthy. Check out some of the recipes. Let me know if you make them. Would love to give you a shout out!

I've been on this road a few times. Yes...from being a skinny girl and a track star, to my first encounter with weight. And let me just say it was not a pretty one. Of course I went through what is common to anyone on trying to loose weight: hit the gym, eat right. Pretty simple, not quite!...

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Samba is my passion, my release, my form of meditation. It connects to my inner being and reminds me that life is pretty amazing.Mirian Silva

This hour long AfroBrazilian class combines the rich history of dance and culture of the Yorubas (Nigerian tribe that migrated to Brazil during colonialism) for a killer...

Check out the latest events and workshops coming up. Sweaty, Sexy, Samba™ Fitness might be on your neck of the woods. Click on pic above for more information.