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Sweaty Sexy Samba™ Fitness is a concept that provides dance fitness classes by utilizing various forms of traditional and non-traditional Brazilian dances in order to promote weight loss, tone muscles and build confidence. The classes are taught as a standalone (technical class) or combination of all (fitness). The movements are choreographed in order to target certain areas of the body by utilizing the following dances: Traditional Samba, Samba Reggae and Axe, Frevo, and Funk Carioca. .

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The Benefits of Sweaty Sexy Samba

It's High Energy

The classes are high energy with the exception of SAMBAsics, which focuses more on core strength. The movements are fun and easy to follow. You will begin to reap the benefits in no time .

Mirian works in repetition focusing on each part of your body. All of the songs are choreographed and you do an average of 48-50 different movements in one single hour. Every three weeks she changes the choreography and gives your body a total shock. Thus, resulting in weight loss and body toning.

Monumental in Shaping

Brazilian samba has been monumental in shaping not only a culture in Brazil but also many Brazilian bodies.  It is known to be performed during Carnival and all year round.

Because of its high impact and sharp movements, it creates two major benefits that is often achieved separately: It is both aerobic and anaerobic. However, Mirian went a step forward and added a few more Brazilian movements that is sure to make you come back for more.

Class Schedule

Sweaty Sexy Samba Fitness is composed of several classes. We are starting things off with our famous Extremo Brasil and adding more to the calendar. Please sign up to get the latest on classes and events.
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Extremo Brasil
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All Levels


All Levels

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One Class


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4 Classes regular


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